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Hardcore OG, a potent indica cannabis strain, is known to have a delightful taste and aroma of herbal honeyed tea thats deliciously spicy. When ready for harvest, its buds bare a mix of neon and dark green leaves covered in milky trichomes, are shaped like small pebbles, and have golden pistils.The parent strains of Hardcore OG are the indica Big Bud and indica DJ Short Blueberry.The THC level of Hardcore OG averages between 24%-28%, making this strain highly potent and not for the faint of heart nor novice consumers. Its high has been described to be hard-hitting and fast, stimulating cerebral activity while boosting mood. After several minutes, the body buzz will then take effect, sedating the consumer with produces a couch-lock and pushes motivation aside. Because of this, Hardcore OG is best consumed in the late evenings and at night. Also, expect the munchies after using this strain!For novice consumers, Hardcore OG may immediately sedate and cause sleepiness. Though high in THC content, this strain isnt known to produce much anxiety or paranoia.