CannavativeCAN: RSO Capsules 100mg




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Cannavative offers their RSO in capsule froms 10mg THC per pill, 10 total doses. RSO, or Rick Simpson Oil, is a common name for a full-plant extraction which produces a high-yield of terpenes and associated compounds. Full-plant extractions are shown to exhibit stronger entourage effects than other flower extraction methods, meaning more therapeutic compounds present per gram and more opportunity to experience lesser known cannabinoids. Consistent with traditional manufacturing methods, coined by Rick Simpson, our RSO is always extracted from indica-dominant strains, highly potent in THC with a wider range of terpenes than alternative extraction methods. Traditionally, full-plant extracts are consumed orally or topically and intended to deliver a high dose of THC, CBD, and additional lesser-known terpenes and cannabinoids.Approximate THC levels displayed. Totals may vary among batches.