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If you plan on visiting Las Vegas, I hope youre able to find the Las Vegas Kush strain at a local dispensary. Its a great strain to try while walking the strip according to reviewers, as it reputedly enhanced their senses and helped them feel relaxed in social settings. Their bodies along with their minds were calm, but in the mood for adventure.Upon opening up a package of Las Vegas Kush weed, youll be enticed with its earthen and citrusy scent, accompanied with a hint of skunk. Its taste doesnt stray far from its smell on the exhale.Cured buds of the Las Vegas Kush cannabis strain are usually round and filled with mossy shades. Its trichome coverage is light, but dont let that fool you. Las Vegas Kush THC percentages tend to average in the mid-20s. Its a hybrid strain, which is why some people feel relaxing Indica effects while others feel more of an energetic sativa pull. Dominant terpenes are limonene, myrcene, and caryophyllene.