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When you create a three-way cross between Super Silver Haze, Cheese, and the Black Cherry Soda strain, we get the delicious hybrid dubbed Black Cherry Cheesecake. Its aroma and taste are similar to what its name might suggest, but with a citrusy or herbal twist. Its sweet confection-like flavor can be tasted easily on the exhale. The cured ovular buds of the Black Cherry Cheesecake cannabis strain display deep forest greens with touches of yellows. A very thin trichome layer can be seen along with burnt orange pistils. Black Cherry Cheesecake THC levels tend to average in the high teens around 17%. Effects have been described by reviewers as wonderful for calming physical stress and anxiety. It created very little psychoactive effects in them, though seemingly cleared their mind of worry. Consumers said this strain was good for social activities as they became more talkative or attentive. Still others enjoyed melting into their couch or reading a good book. Dominant terpenes found in this strain are caryophyllene,