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The indica-dominant hybrid strain Mandarin Cookies bears a unique appearance, showing off a plethora of orange pistils amongst its pine-tree shaped buds. The scent and flavor are not unlike what its name suggests, being citrusy with hints of pine and freshly churned soil. THC levels tend to average in the mid-teens, however, this strain has been known to reach THC percentages as high as the mid-20s. Some of its reviewers have described effects such as experiencing the body feeling light and tension-free as relaxation spreads from head to toe. Some have reported feeling whats known as a body buzz, or slight tingling in the limbs or torso. Cerebral effects have been said to be invigorating, and some have used Mandarin Cookies to enhance their creativity. Genetics of this strain stem from crossing Tangerine Power and Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mints.