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The indica cannabis strain LA OG produces harvest-ready buds that are small but dense in size with red-orange pistils. Its scent and taste are sweet, piney, and reminiscent of berries. Some have described its smell as citrusy.LA OG is the daughter strain of combining the indica LA Confidential and the hybrid OG Kush.The THC content of LA OG ranges between 24%-27%. Its high is known to create a full body buzz along with an increase in cerebral activity. The body buzz will leave the consumer feeling lazy and couch-locked but will bring about a sensation of calm to the mind. Creativity increases in some, with others feeling the urge to fall into a deep sleep. It is best to use the strain towards the end of the day with all crucial tasks completed. Reviewers have reported its ability to relieve headaches and chronic pain.If you consume too much at once, headaches are known to occur as the high wears down. Anxiousness and dizziness also may result if consumed improperly.