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Flodica is one of the most consistently reviewed strains available, having been described as bringing happiness to many users since the mid 1990’s. Originally created by DJ Short, this indica-dominant hybrid is a cross of Purple Thai and Afghani.This short and stout plant produces large and dense buds, that appear fuzzy, as if they’re covered in moss. Amber trichome hairs cover the buds almost entirely, with some of the leaves’ dark, fern-green color, peaking through from underneath. Orange pistils can be found in clumps throughout the buds.The floral aroma has hints of musky grapes and chocolate, while combusting Flodica yields a smooth smoke, with chocolate undertones and a menthol aftertaste.Users report a light and mellow cerebral euphoria, accompanied by a narcotic-like body buzz. It’s modest THC content of 16% and consistent effects leads many to suggest it as a good choice for beginners. Flodica has built a reputation for being a great social strain, as many users report feeling more extroverted. In the vein of a Peace-Pipe style ceremony by Native Americans, users of Flodica often describe using it in social settings, passing around a blunt as a form of a social bonding.Flodica has built up quite a reputation among users over the years who swear by its reported ability to help regulate mood, helping with PTSD and depression. Other users report that it is unparalleled for relief of physical pain and discomfort. Either way, it is a classic strain that we can count on being around many more years to come.