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Green Life Productions is proud to offer Black Triangle Baby J’s. Each tin contains six (6) individual .3-gram miniature prerolls (baby j’s). Perfectly suited for on-the-go discreet use. Indica; Triangle Kush X 88 G13 HashplantAverage 26-31% Total Cannabinoids;Myrcene/Limonene/Linalool The name might sound like something from a pirate movie, but theres no way youre going sailing after smoking Black Triangle. This indica-dominant pheno will be your noses new best friend — tart, sour-berry, and light hints of lemon-pine will have your nostrils coming back for seconds. Tight, dense, and sticky buds are illuminated with crisp trichomes and are permeated throughout with thick patches of stigmas. Your first inhale of Black Triangle will have you feeling cozy — it taste like a warm, homemade berry pie. The flavor translates great from the aroma; the tart and sour berry shine through, with a hint of doughiness. Fair warning though, this strain will have you going from 60 to 0 real quick. It epitomizes what youd expect from an indica-dominant strain — its sedating, calming, and euphoric. Its strong body buzz will have you fused to your couch, and its stoney haze will bring you into a state of tranquility. For those looking for healing relief, this strain would be helpful in managing insomnia, pain, and mood disorders, as well as stimulating appetite, and relieving stress. Go off the grid with Black Triangle.