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When you combine the genetics of the strains Blue Dream and Lemon Kush, you get a deliciously citrus-scented and colorful strain dubbed Lemonade Dream. This satiava-dominant hybrid will surprise you with its deep greens, violets and blue hues easily seen amid its cured nuggets, hinting at its indica heritage. Lemonade Dream THC levels often reach nearly 30%. Its effects can be great for creative activities and hobbies, according to its advocates, as it has helped them feel more open-minded and imaginative. Some have experienced pain relief as well as a reduction in nausea accompanied by a slight boost in appetite. Lemonade Dream is reputed to be a great daytime strain and reviewers indicate they believe it does not interfere with their capabilities to reason and think logically. Dominant terpenes found in Lemonade Dream include myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene.