Culture & CannabisCC: Chem x VA Skunk 0.75g PrerollIndica





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Rolling up to the fourth year of operation, Solaris Farms has created branded consumption products with local media company and event, Culture & Cannabis. 91 Chem VA Skunk is a highly potent Indica cannabis strain whose lineage descends from the staple cannabis strain Chemdawg. It offers users a sweet floral aroma and flavor, quite similar to being in a lavender field during the mid-summer. Users can expect a slight fuel or diesel aroma and aftertaste, depending on the consumption method. If adequately cultivated and cured, 91 Chem VA Skunk produces large dense spade-shaped and light green buds, which are covered in a moderate but noticeable layer of trichomes. Some buds will bear a coat of bright orange hairs and dark green sugar leaves. It’s recommended that users keep a grinder handy to break these buds apart. Depending on residual moisture content, some buds prove to be quite a challenge to tear apart by hand. Reviewers have noted that 91 Chem VA Skunk tends to have