FumuerFUMR: Sunshine 0.5g Infused Pre-RollHybrid





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The large yet airy nugs from Sunshine appear a light mint green due to the sparkling trichomes coating nearly every surface of the flower. A sativa-leaning hybrid cannabis plant, Sunshine smells of fruity skunk, and the flavor of its smoke carries and earthy quality.Lab data puts its potency at an impressive 25-26% THC, making it significantly stronger than most commercially available buds.This strain will keep most smokers up and running, so its best reserved for morning or afternoon use. It also offers some solid medicating while keeping the brain alert, so its possible to work or socialize while under the effects of Sunshine. It may also help with easing pain, muscle tension, cramps, low moods, or exhaustion/sleepiness.Because Sunshine leans to the sativa end of things, some users may find that it causes paranoia, anxiety, or even headaches, especially in high doses.HistorySunshine comes from Peace Naturals Project, based in Canada. Its a cross between Chemdawg and Sunshine Daydream.