Flora VegaFV: Banana Kush 1.2g Pre-RollHybrid





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Rusty and golden yellow pistils cover the buds when harvest-ready. The average THC level rests at 16% with a high of 18%. Its high is described as mellow and relaxing, often inducing creativity in the consumer making this a great strain to pursue hobbies and cure writers block. Its also been reviewed to be a good strain for social settings, causing the consumer to be more talkative. However, the indica effects will create a body high that can lead to sedation, so evening and night time use is suggested. Besides dry mouth and eyes, Banana Kush can cause dizziness, paranoia, and headaches if consumed improperly. If more than three hits are taken within a short time span, many reviewers note that it will put the consumer to sleep making this strain a good choice to help with insomnia. Banana Kush requires lots of attention to grow and usually yields less than your normal cannabis strain making this a crop best suited for skilled cultivators.