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Green Life Productions originally created Purp X just to breed with, but everyone loved it so much that CEO Steve Cantwell decided to package it up and sell it. It comes from crossing the popular GLP Sativa, Miss X with the purple Indica Anthocyanin Man. Purp X is the sister strain to Miss Purp. That is, they have the same parents. The difference is that Purp X received more of the father, Anthocyanin Mans genetics. This is evident in the purple color. This makes Purp X a pretty evenly-balanced hybrid that leans slightly more towards the Indica side.It is interesting to note that only about 5-10% of the Purp X buds have visible green leaves. The chunky nuggs are mostly made of coiled purple leaves and long strands of orange pistils. The white fuzzy trichomes covering the buds leaves streaks of amber, and gives the purple leaves a frosted look.The purple is evident in the flavor as a sweet berry aroma fills the air, amid some pine and nutmeg. The taste of grapes and berries becomes amplified when smoking or vaping Purp X, with a little more of a spicy kick than its sister strain.Mellow, soothing, relaxing, euphoric, blissful are just some of the adjectives consumers use to describe the Purp X experience. Users suffering from cramps, spasms, chronic pain, arthritis and migraines take note, as this hybrid reportedly provides relief from pain and stiffness. Couch-lock shouldnt be a problem as this hybrid did inherit enough Sativa characteristics to keep cerebral stimulation and energy levels stable, according to some reviewers. Consumers suggested that Purp X can be enjoyed anytime, but the setting is important. They say that in the morning it has the potential to help the user stay focused and stay moving through the pain and stiffness, but at night it can make a movie more interesting and popcorn more delicious. Some users report an increase in the quantity and quality of sleep after using Purp X. With comments like these from reviewers, Purp X is a versatile hybrid, with a wonderful grape and berry flavor that is worth considering for your next purchase.