GLPGLP: MAC Baby J’s 1.8 g 6pk Pre-RollSativa





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Green Life Productions is proud to offer MAC Baby J’s. Each tin contains six (6) individual .3-gram miniature prerolls (baby j’s). Perfectly suited for on-the-go discreet use.Hybrid: Get ready for one the newest designer strains by Capulator called Miracle Alien Cookies or MAC for short. This is a strong cultivar including Alien Cookies, Colombian and Starfighter that create a fun, social buzz with some power behind it. Gas, fruit and zest of orange lead the experience with touches of freshly cut metallics bringing a truly unique and desirable flavor. You are going to want to grab a second jar of this strain once you see the incredibly thick, green buds with glistening trichomes that catch every bit of light.Terpenes: High on Limonene, A/B Pinene, Linalool & Caryophyllene with hints of Humulene & BisabololPotency: Averages 27% 29% Total Cannabinoids