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The Tahoe Dreamin cannabis strain is indica-dominant. Its genetics stem from crossing the hybrid Blue Dream with the Sativa Bay 11. This combination has given the Tahoe Dreamin strain a robust terpene profile that offers aromas and flavors of pungent citrus. Its been compared to eating freshly ripened tangerines. Tahoe Dreamin produces dense, light green, and spade-shaped buds that are covered in a light frosting of trichomes and bright orange pistils. Consumers who have had a chance to indulge in this strain have said it offers a euphoric head high that tends to be sedative. Some have reported having a bit of cottonmouth or munchies. Others have said Tahoe Dreamin helped alleviate minor symptoms of insomnia. Tahoe Dreamin’s THC levels average around 25%, which helps to explain the heavy onset of euphoric effects and terpenes reviewers have commented on. Its dominant terpenes are Beta-Caryophyllene, Beta-Myrcene, and Alpha-Pinene. When overindulging a bit with Tahoe Dreamin weed, some experienced couch-lock as a result, but a small nap usually helped.