GLPGLP: VCM Baby J’s 1.8 g 6pk Pre-RollHybrid





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Green Life Productions is proud to offer VCM Baby J’s. Each tin contains six (6) individual .3-gram miniature prerolls (baby j’s). Perfectly suited for on-the-go discreet use.HYBRID: What is VCM? Well, besides a balanced cross of Glue on Fire and Grateful Breath it is named after a popular Las Vegas cannabis magazine call Vegas Cannabis Magazine. Fuel, fuel and more fuel come racing out of the jar with smells of morning barn yard and hints of lemon peel. VCM delivers a full-bodied sensation that comes in the form of a glow with mind clearing mental effects that can gain strength the more she is consumed.Terpenes: High on Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Limonene & Humulene with hints of Terpinolene &CamphenePotency: Averages: 22% – 25% Total Cannabinoids