White LvbelWLVB,Infused Pre-Roll,(H) Strawberry Lemonade,,(1 x 1g),1gHybrid





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A well cultivated and properly cured batch of Strawberry Lemonade bombards you with a delicious strawberry scent. This trait comes from one of its parent strains, Strawberry Cough. The scent can be a little sour with citrus undertones, but thats due to its other genetic heritage which stems from Lemon OG. Taste-wise, it offers a very berry appeal on the exhale.Strawberry Lemonades high is sativa-dominant, so it is reported to affect the mind more so than the body. While mood may enhance a little, consumers say to expect to improve mental focus and analytical skills. Some find that it increases heart rate and provides a boost of energy before tapering off into a light lethargy. Consumers have used this strain to get in a work-out session before the high wears down and helps them relax.Most Strawberry Lemonade buds look like little cauliflowers, as they tend to cluster in their formation. Their flowers are sage green with a lovely layer of trichomes easily detectable, giving it a white appearance from a distance.THC percentage levels vary from the mid-teens to the high 20s so check your batchs level before consuming. Reviewers say if you happen to overdo it, a mild bout of anxiety may set in so be careful.