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The indica cannabis strain 9 Pound hammer gets its name from its immediate cerebral effects that hit you in the head like a hammer. It emits a sweet berry-lime scent that tastes just a good. When ready for harvest, its buds are a neon green in color and shaped like grapes.9 Pound Hammer is a diverse combination of all three categories of strains: the sativa Jack the Ripper, hybrid Hells Angel OG, and indica Gooberry.The THC content of this strain usually is quite potent, ranging from 18%-27% – so it isnt recommended for novice consumers. Its high will immediately uplift cerebral activity, providing an intense head high accompanied by sedative effects that can render you couch-locked. This strain is best used in the evenings and at night since it does induce sleepiness while thoroughly relaxing the muscles. 9 Pound Hammer is often used medically due to its high CBD content.9 Pound Hammer is the strain to grow for all levels of cultivators. It takes seven to eight weeks to flower and delivers a substantial yield.