Flora VegaFV: 13 Gorillas 3.5gSativa





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The 13 Gorillas strain is a hybrid that produces deep green buds with burnt orange pistils scattered throughout its flowers. A properly cured batch will easily break or grind up with no problem as its trichomes are barely visible and wont become sticky.Reviewer have described the effects as perfectly potent for a body high noting that while the mind remained clear and able to handle most situations with ease, the body was released of pain, stress, and tension.13 Gorillas weed emits a faint aroma of roses and grass. However, the taste is a bit different as its similar to Girl Scout Cookies, just less pronounced. The taste might remind you of sweet baked confections with light hints of cream or spice.13 Gorillas THC levels tend to average around 20% while its dominant terpenes are myrcene, pinene, and caryophyllene. Currently, its genetics remain unknown until more 13 Gorillas strain info is released.