MojaveMOJ: Strawberry Daiquiri 3.5 gHybrid





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Strawberry Daiquiri is a beautiful and bountiful creation. It is a genuinely masterful blend of Strawberry Cough and the highly prized Jack The Ripper. Both parents are outstanding, and together produce a potent 70/30 (sativa/indica) hybrid that will develop into a tall, fast-growing plant. Her high provides a happy, euphoric, energetic, and very uplifting effect that is a perfect way to start the day!Strawberry Daiquiri is well-suited for indoor and outdoor cultivation with a flowering time of 6070 days. Yields are large and have a robust strawberry-cherry taste with a hint of a Tootsie Pop. With hefty buds covered in thick resin, this is a strain sativa connoisseurs will flock to.