The 55T55: Do Si Woah 1 g Shatter




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If youre looking for a full-bodied high, the Do-Si Woah might be your next favorite! It starts off with a light cerebral high that creeps on your mind slowly. It may leave you feeling a bit dazed and unfocused but it is uplifting and youll be feeling all kinds of giggly. As the head high progresses, however, a tingling sensation will also spread throughout your limbs. Users should be warned, though, as this signals the state of deep relaxation youre about to enter with Do-Si Woah. Its known to be quite sedative and will likely induce couch-lock. While you wont be too tired out, if taken in enough doses, it can put you to sleep as well. These strong uplifting and relaxing effects on the mind and body make the strain particularly useful in treating stress, anxiety and depression, though it is also great for treating chronic pains, aches, nausea or spasms as well because of its sedative-like nature. As one may guess, the Do-Si Woah is best suited for night time usage right before you hit the hay!